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C&I Engineering was in need of a seasoned drone pilot who has experience on industrial jobs requiring thermal mapping. This particular oil refinery job involved being vetted by the coast guard, undergoing two types of drug tests, undertaking a day of safety training specific to the client, being fitted for protective clothing, and coordinating with the airport to avoid collisions with passenger jets taking off and landing at Huntington Tri-State Airport. There's only about 100' of buffer depending on when we were flying over the stacks and how much heat was spewing out of them. All that to say, this was a 6 day shoot from morning to evening looking for thermal leaks throughout the entire refinery property.

If you are in need of meticulous pilots who operate within the rules to keep you out of legal predicaments, look no further than Tennessee Drone Services, Inc.


BlueScope reached out as they needed b-roll shot of a one-of-a-kind machine they have installed in their Jackson, Tennessee facility. They needed us to fly indoors, around people, and extremely close to sensitive machinery. We not only did this safely (per FAA regulation), but we delivered the footage and photography the same day. We also delivered this video within 72 hours of the shoot showcasing their machine in action. 

LaVergne Graphic-01_edited.jpg

When the Director of Economic and Community Development for the city of La Vergne (a powerhouse in attracting big-named clients to Tennessee such as ICEE, Amazon, Bridgestone, UPS, Coca-Cola, and others) reached out to Tennessee Drone Services® to see if we could put together a video showcasing areas of interest to bolster their retail and residential efforts, we said absolutely.

Two days of filming on location, plus hours of solidifying the message, editing, color-grading, and animating resulted in a video the Director, as well as the Mayor, was very pleased with. This is that video.

Southland Safari YT Cover.jpg

Want to take your family on a fun-filled guided tour to experience wildlife from around the world? Southland Safari makes it possible to view the animals of Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, and North America all from right here in West Tennessee. 


Tennessee Drone Services® was hired to help solve a problem Southland Safari had trouble communicating via just their website and social channels. Namely, showcasing what a guided tour entails (you don't drive through in your own vehicle or just show up), and that there are cabin rentals, should you wish to stay overnight (and you will!). As an overarching goal, we were to capture a typical experience any visitor would have while visiting Southland Safari. This video has checked off all of the above, and more than satisfied the owners. How can we help solve your marketing woes? 

Ranger Aerospace

Here's a shoot Tennessee Drone Services® did in coordination with Descartes Systems Group, Ranger Aerospace, Cerulean Commercial Aviation, ACL Airship, and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

There was a lot of coordination that took place both prior to the shoot, while onsite, and during the shoot itself. 

Second Option.jpg

Tennessee Drone Services was contracted to film b-roll footage for a shoot at Schneider's headquarters in Green Bay, WI. This is a sampling of that footage.


While based in Tennessee, our services and reputation extend well beyond the boundaries of our state. 

TN Tourism Project.JPG

This project required combining multiple facets of creativity with technical know-how to capture a compelling story of family fun across West Tennessee.


This project incorporated the following: 1. photography (both aerial and terrestrial) 2. video (both aerial and terrestrial) 3. an editorial write-up. 

Here's a direct link to the finished video.

Pickwick Landing State Park.JPG

This project spanned three days at Pickwick Landing State Park in Southwest Tennessee. The scope of the project called for aerial video and photography as well as ground-based video and photography. The aim of the project was two-fold: showcase the new premium cabins, and give a glimpse into what family and friends could do there over a weekend getaway. 

YT Cover Gibson County.JPG

When the Gibson County Tourism Committee reached out for a last minute project with a short deadline, we took the challenge. They wanted aerial b-roll video that could be made into an ad (complete with graphics and a soundbed) that checked the boxes for the Tourism CARES Act Grant. Did we succeed? We'll let you decide!

Slow down and take a breath of FRESH air... visit Gibson County.


While we all hope it won't happen to us, the odds are against us. When it happens, you'll want the best! Davis Brothers Tree Care will fix your tree problem and take care of the cleanup as if it happened at their mom's home.

Reach out to them today for a responsive, and reasonable quote. No stumps, no leftovers, no mess... they leave it like it never happened!

Davis Brothers Tree Care... professional, efficient, personable, and reasonable.


Century Communities is all about creating thriving neighborhoods. To showcase those neighborhood buildouts, Tennessee Drone Services® provided photography and cinematography for their model units in Middle Tennessee. This is both outside and inside as well as ground-based and aerial. From video walkthroughs to aerial overviews, we provided them with the marketing material they use for billboards, magazine spreads, and online marketing. 

Here's a link to a walkthrough video. Here's a link to a 60 second sample.


This project was shot for Descartes in conjunction with Covenant Transportation. Our job was to collect b-roll aerial footage from the city as well as to fly at Covenant Transportation's headquarters for footage to include in the final production


Snider Equipment reached out to us to help boost their marketing. They wanted a versatile video that showcases the size of their operation, the work they do, their location, touch on their other offerings, and introduce their dog :)

We showed them this first edit and they were happy with the creative direction we took with it. They signed off on it with no changes. 

It pays to listen to the client, hear what they are communicating and take that to heart during the filming and editing processes. 

Pangkor Laut Resort

From the food to the views, it's hard to beat Malaysia, and it's very hard to beat Pangkor Laut! Tucked away on an island surrounded by emerald seas, this resort provides full access to the entire island. Relax in Spa Village or enjoy Uncle Lim's island delicacies prepared especially for you. Whatever your idea of relaxation is, Pangkor Laut can accommodate. But, don't just take my word for it, check out the video and book your stay today!

Eden Smith Coldwell Banker Orthomosaic.J

Eden Smith of Caldwell Bankers called to see if it was possible to photograph 200+ acres straight down from the air. Less than a week later and just shy of 1,000 photos merged together into one big photo, he had his finished product in hand complete with graphic overlays.

Kelly YT Cover Image.jpg

This project entailed capturing what sets Kelly apart from the rest of the public school system. It involved aerial video, terrestrial video, and voice over work. The end goal of the video is to show that education is more than just what's found in textbooks and extends out into every aspect of student life. Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is holistic. And that holistic approach is something in which Kelly seeks to excel. See for yourself by clicking here.

Holly MI.jpg

Wizard Distribution, located in Holly, Michigan utilizes a program called ShipRush, which is owned by Descartes Systems Group. Descartes brought Tennessee Drone Services® on board to film b-roll aerial footage, both inside and outside, for inclusion in the final marketing video being produced by Descartes.

Thomsen Farms.jpg

Tennessee Drone Services® was approached by First Choice about doing aerial and ground-based cinematography of the Thomsen Farms retail area near Union University. This project included motion tagging objects within the video to showcase different areas of Thomsen Farms. This video's purpose was to showcase the area so as to attract other businesses to this already growing area. 


Tennessee Drone Services® filmed the highlight video for Tennessee State Parks' Content Creator Event Weekend featuring Pickett CCC Memorial State Park and Pogue Creek Canyon Natural Area. This video spans the course of three days and features an extremely beautiful portion of the state that you'll want to experience for yourself! Interested in seeing some of our photos from the area? CCC Pickett Memorial State Park | Pogue

Craig MO Proof of Concept.jpg

While visiting the Northwest corner of Missouri, we spent some time in a once bustling town of Craig, MO. It was a railroad town, and one that saw quite a bit of commerce given it's size. But times change, and towns are forgotten. That got us to thinking about what opportunities, given today's culture, are there to revitalize small town U.S.A.? Interested? Watch the video and let's see if this experiment can work. 

Fall Real Estate.JPG

We received a call from a couple looking to move closer to their grandchildren. They wanted to film their property prior to hiring a realtor due to the season and the timing of their listing. Their requirements were two-fold: 1. Capture their property so as to make it appealing to potential buyers. 2. Make that same video one that captures the essence of the memories made throughout the years on their property as a keepsake for them to hold onto after the move. 

Power Lines.jpg

Ever given much thought to power lines and the men and women who work to keep power flowing through them? Take a minute to watch this video and be sure to thank those who keep the power flowing.


This is a video Jeremy had full creative license to do with as he saw fit. He recorded, mixed, and mastered the music and vocals over the course of a month. He also story-boarded the video and filmed it all over two days. Two scenes called for something he couldn't pull off with a jib. So, Jeremy brought in a guy by the name of Wes Harris, who owned a drone, and had him fly those scenes for him. This video is what led Jeremy to see the potential that drones had for his business. Thus, a month after commercial use was legal, Tennessee Drone Services® was born.   

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