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We take FAA regulation seriously, and that should matter to you. If we deliver a quality product to you, but fail to adhere to the regulations, we've failed at our job, and failed you as the client. All it takes is for one of your competitors to do a little digging, file a complaint, and watch what you thought was a great marketing campaign get swallowed up in bad PR. Don't trust just anyone who has a drone with your brand- it's not worth the risk (PR or legal)!

At Tennessee Drone Services®, we walk our clients through each step of the process: from marketing plans and airspace authorizations, to takeoffs and landings, we want you to be aware of your project's progress and what to expect along the way. No one likes surprises! 

Rest assured that we cover all the bases. We keep you legal, and within regulatory compliance, while providing you a quick turn around on a quality product. We're certified for both day and night flights. Also, we are experienced at gaining authorizations to fly in restricted airspace. Every authorization and waiver that we have applied for has been granted, and we aim to keep it that way.

So, in summary, we have the regulatory experience, knowledge of the law, and the skills to produce quality productions. The quality and attention to detail that Tennessee Drone Services® strives for gives us the edge over our competition. Reach out and see the difference we can make for you! 


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